I’m not laying claim to being the inventor of this product as they have been around for 100 years. However, I feel with the modifications I have made to the “Silva” whistle, it is much improved on the original.

Some people say that there are only certain times of the year you can whistle up a fox and never in summer but during the test period from October to March 2010, I whistled up over 180 foxes, of which I disposed of 70. Also feral cats, crows and numerous types of birds and even wedgetail eagles come in for a look.

These whistles have been constructed so that one day they may become a shooters heirloom.

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– Ron Kiehne

Whistle History

I’m not sure of the exact origin but I do know my whistle has been in my family for a very long time, I believe the Whistle was born out of necessity as with all good Australian Inventions if it wasn’t available our Ancestors being a very ingenious lot made something that would do the job at hand.

My great Uncle Gilbert Kneipp was taught by his older Cousin back in the 1930’s how to make and blow this primitive and crude little whistles made out of a folded piece of tin, which captivated and intrigued foxes. My great Uncle then taught my Father Victor Kiehne who in turn passed on his knowledge to myself in the late 1950’s.


These Whistle’s have been responsible for the removal of thousands of foxes in the Dundee and Deepwater areas located in the New England Tablelands Northern NSW. People often refer to them as being a Tenterfield type whistle and are a copy of this whistle to which totally the opposite could be the case as Deepwater and Tenterfield are neighbouring towns. All I know is they are both great Aussie inventions that work a treat.

Around 2010 I decided to go Fox Whistling with a good friend Pete Kennedy, Pete was blown away by the Foxes reaction to my Whistle and said you should make and sell them and the rest is history.

The birth of the Silva Fox Whistle, remember every whistle is totally handcrafted out of High Grade Stainless Steel, by Ron Kiehne himself (Aka) The Silva Fox and is an all Australian invention with quality you can trust.

Silva Fox Whistles are 100% Australian made and owned. Ron Kiehne owner of Silva Fox Whistles personally handcrafts and tunes every individual whistle ensuring quality and are 100% guaranteed.

Check out our Silva Fox Whistles Video and witness how well these whistles work.


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