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Silva Fox Whistles are 100% Australian made and owned.  Ron Kiehne owner of Silva Fox Whistles personally handcrafts and tunes every individual whistle ensuring quality and are 100% guaranteed.

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How to Buy - Silva Fox Whistle

It is very easy to buy your Silva Fox Whistle online through our secure checkout. Postage is calculated at the checkout and is a flat rate of $9.50 within Australia for parcels under 500 grams or $15.00 internationally for parcels under 250 grams.


We recommend using PayPal as the easiest, cheapest and most convenient payment method. If you prefer to use Bank Deposit (wire transfer), there is a $20 surcharge for accepting foreign payments - please use these details for your transfer and add the surcharge to your total:

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About Us - Silva Fox Whistles

Sometimes a new product hits the market that you don't have to invent - it's literally sitting under your nose.

I speak of the fox whistles I have used for the past 40yrs. Knowing how well they work, a friend suggested that I should make and sell them.

In the summer of 2010, I started the process of refining the product. This included testing different materials and notes, finally coming up with the "Silva Fox Whistle". 

The best Australian whistle money can buy.

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